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Naturescape Farm
Your local Colorado Microgreens Grower since 2001

Beyond the World of Ordinary into the World Of Extraordinary

Micro Herbs


Opal Basil
Pleasing purple color and flavor.

Lemon Balm
Pleasant garnish for fish and shell-fish with a  Lemon flavor and a heavenly hint of mint. Use on desserts for more aesthetic appeal.  No micro mint, Lemon balm makes a great substitute.


An elusive parsley-anise flavor with a fine fragrance.  A delicate and decorative garnish for enhancing the plate.

An enhancement to vegetables and fish. Very sweet licorice flavor but not as pungent as adult fennel. A very feathery lacey green micro.

Genovese Basil
Intensified sweet Italian flavor.

Celery-like-taste with a well-rounded flavor adds life to low salt or no salt recipes. Hardy micro with a long shelf life.

Red Shiso
Perilla (Shisho): Spectacular dark red curry-flavored leaves with a tender taste between sweet basil and licorice. Great addition to Asian dishes and appetizers.

Thai Basil
Very popular in Fusion and Asian dishes. Stronger in flavor than sweet basil with a subtle aftertaste of licorice. Micro stage offers enhanced intensity of flavor.