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Naturescape Farm
Your local Colorado Microgreens Grower since 2001

Beyond the World of Ordinary into the World Of Extraordinary


More flavorful than adult stage. No musky metallic noticeable aftertaste as with adult plants.

Beautiful lime green color with a fresh Choy flavor.

Micro Dill
A fine finish for salmon.  Frilly leaves harmonizes with tomatoes and capers.  More aromatic and sweeter dill flavor than mature dill.

Mild mustard-taste that adds a dimension to savory appetizers.  Graceful serrated leaves are appealing to the eye.

Red Bok Choy
Hardy micro with leaves that display red tones

Dark green aromatic leaves with a flavor similar to that of the flower petals. Goes well with many soft-type cheeses and especially cold melon.

Swiss Chard